The Energy of Aryaa 

The vines of Kundalini rising, the leaves of connection to Mother GAIA, the drop of divine nectar connecting the 6th and 7th chakras to the Pineal Gland. 
Experience Aryaa's first layer of Energetics. 


Aryaa Organic is a Wellness Platform Company offering 
experiential learning and integrating Consulting with Natural Products and Ancient Global Culture Wisdom. 
We share Eternal approaches proven over thousands of years for whole person living today.

The Aryaa Difference

  • Unleashing wisdom and eternal truths with our clients, proven over thousands of years
  • Sourcing only the best ingredients from around the world - Prima Materia
  • Connecting as citizens of the world and connecting to wisdom everywhere
  • Providing a Portal that accesses eternal wisdom from Shaman, Wellness Practitioners, Energy, Sound, Meditative Experts and more
  • Sharing insight on how you think about food, what you put into your body (Food as Medicine) and the critical connection between mind, body and spirit
  • Leveraging the experience and knowledge of one of the oldest South Asian Supply Chain companies in the United States – which maintains multiple accredited USDA, FDA and Organic partner relationships

How we Source our Products

  • Searching for farmers who utilize traditional farming methods.
  • The founders of our company physically connect to the soil, where we source from and, ensuring that the energy of the products and the farmers are coherent.  
  • Empowering our team trained in various energetic modalities, to Infuse vibrational energy into Aryaa products.  The team achieves a state of coherence, creates a connection to the “field” and uses select frequencies enhancing the naturally occurring benefits of gifts (products) that Aryaa is sharing with the world.
  • Work with Consolidators and Manufacturers who are Organic, FDA, USDA certified. 
  • Leveraging 53 years of sourcing, serving clients across North America – thereby understanding the critical need for backup sourcing, multiple suppliers and contingency plans.
  • Creating a Global supply and distribution network – limiting exposure to the vagaries of force de majeure; also leveraging the existing customer bases of our suppliers and creating agreements where they can supply Aryaa products within their established networks for a predetermined fee structure.
  • What is different about our products vs others? Aryaa’s products, immersive experiences, consulting platform and overall integrated approach for mind/body/spirit whole person wellness is being validated and accelerated through the following examples:
    • Coronavirus has made us more ethical consumers – BBC January/2021
      • Aryaas focus on Global Ancient Cultures, the honorific treatment of their legacies, sustainability, natural farming methods and a connection to mind/body/spirit.  The approach allows Aryaa the benefit of a trusted partner with these eternal cultures and the guardians of their sacred knowledge.. 
    • Eternal Truths – thousands of years of history with Science now validating the wisdom and efficacy of Turmeric, Amla, Neem, Cacao, Mung Beans, Moringa etc.
    • Mind/Body/Spirit research being conducted utilizing scientific methods as generally approved of.  Large scale research studies being conducted on thousands of mediators blood, brain scans and measured disease states are changing as a result of deep meditations.

Eternal Truths

Consulting Platform



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